Chris Hemsworth, 15 minutes and a glass of red wine…

Years ago when all my children were young, I painted. I lost myself in my painting so much that on numerous occasions the school would ring me to see if I was picking up my children at all (this probably explains why my children never call me) or other parents would notice I was missing in action so to speak and automatically bring my children home. Life, then got busy, and a belated career boost had me put my paint brushes and pastels away to concentrate on the corporate world. Big mistake. Huge error. As the youngsters say nowadays, ‘epic palmface’.

Having had the wine glass surgically removed from my hand in January, I have this year found my creative passion again. Once more, I have found a love of losing myself within an art form, and good news, post editing photographs means you can drink at the same time. Thanks to the modern wonder of the only social media worth doing Instagram (sorry Facebook people, and don’t worry Twitter people you stopped reading at ‘probably’) I found sharing my photos easy. There is no expectation that you have to like or comment on any other photo and you can ‘follow’ people without feeling like you are stalking them (well ok I am stalking Chris Hemsworth on IG, but I’m sure he’s fine with that (btw Chris if you are reading this a signed picture would be really nice….)).

One of the girls I came across on IG when I was looking at the magnifying glass tab, was the talented Kim Klassen. So out of all the self indulgent duck face selfies and the check out my abs shots, I actually found something worth looking at. This took me to Kim’s blog last year and when she opened up a My Still Sunday course it felt like it was made for me. If anyone is thinking of doing any of Kim’s classes I can highly recommend them. More than the technical side Kim’s generosity in sharing her family’s life and how she found stillness in her photography makes these classes extremely personal, and because they are online you can drink while watching them.

Which I think, brings us about up to speed. What I am going to share over the coming few weeks is some of the flat lay photography I have done as part of My Still Sunday, how I fit in my photo a day between walking in the door and pouring a glass of red, feeding the cats and asking my husband to start dinner (yep I truly have cracked the secret to life, the universe and everything…….how to get a man to cook without a bbq).



The picture above was taken, edited and put on IG in under 15 minutes. No studio lights were harmed in the taking of this picture. Over the coming week I am going to share how I did that, what I did to it and even the original before I cropped the living room curtains out of it.

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