Build a photo

Sometimes life is so busy it is hard to take 15 minutes for yourself each day.

I recently had a week like that but I was lucky that I saw it coming so I was able to plan ahead.

I knew I wasn’t going to have time for my 15 minutes each day so I decided to take 5 minutes…… everyone has 5 minutes they can spare during the day don’t they?

I also knew that some late nights would mean my lighting might be a bit hit and miss which meant I might be down to our halogen lighting.

On Sunday I sat and wrote out the days of the week on coffee stained paper. I then grabbed a tray and placed one object on it. I picked the rose for the initial photo to watch it whither over the week.

I then added one object each day and put the name of the day in the photo.

Quick post process in Lightroom which was made faster by all photos getting the same treatment.

I wonder if you can tell which ones were natural light and which were halogen…..








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