leaving anonymity behind…..


 art in front of a lens……art behind a lens…..art thru a lens…..

We are only 15 days into 2017 and it has already brought so much change into my life.

With a very deep breath, I have made the move from behind the camera, to promote my work and take on more commercial projects.

In 2016 I turned 5o, and for over a decade I have loved having my camera in my hand, more than I ever loved holding a paint brush. Throughout that time I have been rewarded in having my work presented to many local and international dignitaries, both through my work in the aviation industry and the subsequent political relationships that I have fostered. Appearing in local news articles, art shows and hanging on the walls in homes of friends and local businesses.

Turning 50 was a milestone, and thanks to the confidence that a 365 project and the guidance of a fantastic teacher, in Kim Klassen I have come to the realisation that if I do not take art thru a lens to the next step I never will…….and I don’t want to regret not trying anything in life.

Through this journal I will be sharing some photography tips, a few recipes, travel adventures, in general a glimpse behind the curtain.

So please, feel free to come and join in the journey, bring your cup of tea or I can open a nice French red, pull up a chair and lets have a chat……..

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(photo credit my talented husband Nick who loves nothing more than getting me in front of a camera)


And a new year begins…..

I dont think I have ever looked forward to a new year starting as much as 2017.

We have so much planned for this year that I am quite excited.

One thing I will be making a point of is to keep taking pleasure in the small moments, not to stress if I am stuck in traffic or if appointments are running late but to use that time to sit quietly and enjoy the time.


I look forward to sharing the journey that Nick and I are going to take this year and not all will be about photography but I can guarantee there will be lots of red wine and good food….

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