elements mind body studio opening

In days gone by serenity, calm and peaceful were not words I associated with fitness and exercise, my approach was go hard or go home. Having found my inner sanctuary through my photography I realised I had also found a penchant for crisps and cheesecake… time to find myself a place that embraced not only helping people with fitness but did so in a way that supported my approach to life, a place of contemplation, of energy…

As fortune had it, right at the moment of my epiphany a group of old friends asked me to photograph them for their new venture Elements Mind Body Studio, serendipity? Well it seemed fate, destiny, the cosmic force or just the fact that I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit had intervened and guided me.


After a week of daily classes I am spending my day off aching, wincing and feeling fantastic about it. Tracy, Lee and their team certainly have created a unique environment, hard work has been done, muscles have been punished, but mind and soul are treated, recharged. My Barre Attack classes have been a revelation, doubtful the Bolshoi Ballet will call any time soon, but even in those tough moments, thighs pleading for me to stop, my mind felt nourished, soul felt renewed.

Could a wellbeing centre be better named? Elements… perfect! A sanctuary that brings all the aspects of our wellness and combines them, focused exercise with caring encouragement. Exhausting classes balanced perfectly with renewal of energy and self-belief. So, Sunday is a day of rest, a day of reflection on my journey this week. I have found my temple, it’s not my body as the rhetoric claims, it’s all those elements that make me, body, mind and soul.

If you happen to see me there please say hello…. but you might have to wait for me to catch my breath before I say hello back…….







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