about me

In 2007 I started art thru a lens as a way of sharing my journey from brush to celluloid.

Over the last decade I have been asked by friends, companies and strangers to reproduce my work, for everything from wedding gifts, stationery backdrops to cafe decorations and showroom ambience pieces.

Having reached a confidence in my own creative vision and ability I am now stepping out of the comfort of anonymity and am taking my first tentative steps into the world of commissioned work.

art thru a lens is not a media company nor another faceless high street franchise. We are committed to bringing this brave new world of digital photography to our clients with the same care that Henri Cartier-Bresson handled those fragile negatives so many years ago.

Your creative vision is our most important concern, as an artist it is my role not to dictate or control my patrons, but to bring your imagination into being, to help you create that singular piece of serenity, a moment of calm in this modern hectic world.

If you would like to share a pot of tea or perhaps a glass of red to create your vision I would love to hear from you.

Created to be a memory……..taken to last a lifetime.



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